Are red peacocks real? Let’s Find Together

Nature is full of beautiful creatures that can blow your mind. If you are a nature lover then you know that the world is full of beautiful birds. One of these rare birds is a peacock. More often we see blue and green peacocks in the forests. But have you ever seen or heard about red peacocks

Are red peacocks real? Explorers and breeders say that there is nothing like red peacocks in the world yet. But here we will talk about the possibilities of the red peacocks. We can’t say anything because maybe there is some possibility in the future red peacocks will exist. 

The wait, people are selling red peacock feathers on Amazon. If there is no red peacock-like thing that exists, then where are they getting these red feathers? Well, when I heard about these feathers I started researching and I got this:

“There are about 15-20 different colours of peacocks but red peacocks are not among them”.

What do videos say about red peacocks?

We experience different videos recorded on red peacocks and we think they exist. But these videos are edited or animated. Today technology has covered about every aspect of life. Making these types of videos is not such a hard task. You can create any video of your imagination in just one prompt and click.

Where did you find red peacocks?

As we know there are no red peacocks but if they could, you can find them in India or US areas. In India, there are common blue and green peacocks exist. These peacocks are known as Indian peafowl or Indian peacocks. These creatures attract their viewers by their beautiful feathers. 

Red colour in birds is a rare thing. You can mostly find parrots in red shade. But a red peacock is not a real thing that exists yet. 

But if there are the possibilities of red peacocks, they can be found in Sri Lanka, the United States or India. Most red bird nests are found in US side areas.

How do red peacocks look like

Peacocks are always thought to be the most eye-catching birds ever. Their brightening and vibrant feathers attract the viewer at first sight.  This bird creature is also taken to different places for the showpiece. Especially children have a special place in their hearts. There are approximately 20 different colours of peacocks. But you do not find red among them. 

Like every peacock, if red peacocks are there in the world, they also look like other peacocks. They have a red head, neck and cheeks. It also has green and white patches on its tail called “train”.

Food that red peacocks eat

Like looks, red peacocks also eat food which other peacocks eat. We have found that peacocks are omnivores. They mostly eat vegetables, meat, seeds and fruits. Most peacocks’ diet depends upon the environment in which they are surviving. If they are living in the wild, they meet their protein need by hunting little animals. If they are pets, they eat grain or a pellet diet. If red peacocks are real, they will eat food like others. 

Conservation status 

We have read that red peacocks do not exist. But if they could, their conservation status would be low. Because for other peacocks, the International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN) has said that there is no such risk for them in future. Peacocks are also growing larger worldwide. Likewise, these peacocks,  red peacocks would also have low conservation status.

Facts about red peacocks

We all know that peacocks are among one of the most amazing and majestic birds. They are always a favourite for everyone. 

  • Peacocks don’t have their feathery tail by birth. It takes a long time to make their tail lengthy and beautiful. Peacocks start showing their tail when they are three years old.
  • Peacocks drop their feathers every year so the people get them without hurting the birds.
  • Peacocks shout in a very loud voice to call peahens.
  • There is no bonding between snakes and peacocks. If peacocks find a snake in their area, they kill it or even eat it. They are known as protective birds.
  • The lifespan of a peacock is about 20 years.
  • Peacocks’ feathers are covered in a crystal-like structure. These structures show amazing colouration in their feathers.

Does red peacocks will exist in future?

Well yet today, there is no found of red peacock. But we don’t know in future we will see a red peacock. There is every possibility of this because scientists and breeders have already found some unique creatures in the world. We hope that we will see a red peacock in future and the mystery of are red peacocks real will be solved.

Final words

We have explored a huge amount of information on are red peacocks real. We have concluded that there are no red peacocks found on earth yet. But in future, we can hope for this miracle. If you are curious about red peacocks, keep joining us for more information. Visit Pet Care Story for more details.

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