What Desserts Can Be Enhanced with the Magic of Frangelico?

The Italian Alps are known for many things and those who have been there may have their own memories. But we’re talking about a liqueur this time. This liqueur, known for its captivating hazelnut bouquet and hints of vanilla and dark chocolate, is none other than Frangelico. Those who can’t resist candy and chocolate, or just love experimenting in the kitchen, will appreciate what the magic of the hazelnut-flavoured Frangelico can do.

Frangelico: A Brief Overview

You may be tired of hearing that a company has a story but the Frangelico one is worth listening to (we promise!). Legends have it that during the Christian friars’ occupation of northern Italy, they made a liqueur from a blend of hazelnuts, berries, and herbs. The most enchanting part of this story? They crafted their recipe behind the walls of their secret abbey.

The precious hazelnut liqueur known as Frangelico pays homage to that ancient recipe today – the bottle is even said to be shaped like a monk. How you implement this drink is up to you whether it’s neat, with ice, or with a dessert.

Pairing Frangelico with Desserts

The nutty character and nuanced sweetness of Frangelico make it the perfect enhancement for a wide range of desserts.

Chocolate Desserts

Nothing beats chocolate for some and you can consider adding a splash of Frangelico to your favourite chocolate cake or brownie recipe can deepen the cocoa flavour and add a luxurious nutty taste. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider a decadent Frangelico-infused chocolate mousse or a boozy chocolate trifle.

Nutty Desserts

Frangelico’s hazelnut profile aligns beautifully with other nutty ingredients. A Frangelico-flavoured tart filled with a mix of hazelnuts and almonds, or a Nutella-inspired cheesecake, wouldn’t just be delicious—they’d be downright irresistible.

Cream-Based Desserts

The creamy texture of Frangelico pairs splendidly with custards, puddings, and even gelato. Imagine a caramel pot de crème with a subtle Frangelico note, or a scoop of hazelnut-rippled gelato made with a splash of the liqueur.

Fruit-Based Desserts

Though not as common, Frangelico can also complement fruit-based desserts. A mixed berry crumble with a hint of Frangelico, or a poached pear drizzled with a Frangelico caramel sauce, turns simple fruit into a sophisticated treat.

Tips for Using Frangelico in Desserts

To ensure your dessert delights rather than disappoints, here are a few tips for using Frangelico:

Measuring and Substituting

Ah, the recipe says one tablespoon but nobody will notice if five goes in. We see you. People will notice (sorry!) – it’s always best to stick to recipes and adjust next time if you want to. If you don’t have Frangelico on hand, you can often substitute it with Amaretto for a similar but slightly different taste profile.

Balancing Flavours

Frangelico can be quite sweet, so be sure to adjust the sugar content of your recipe accordingly. Taste as you go to get the balance just right.

Serving Suggestions

Serve Frangelico-infused desserts lightly chilled or at room temperature to best enjoy the delicate flavours. A great way to bring out the flavours of this liqueur is to grab the whipped cream or hazelnuts from the cupboard.

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