Incredible Health Benefits of Wearing a Natural (Lehsunia) Cat’s Eye Gemstone

One of the brilliant and beautiful gemstones is a natural cat’s eye stone. The stone got its name due to its unique resemblance with that of a cat’s eye. In Hindi, it is called Lehsunia stone, belonging to the mineral family of Chrysoberyl.

The stone in its natural state is obtained in a cabochon cut. The real Lehsunia stone is found in honey brown or apple green color. Besides being a contributor to the ornamental industry, this miraculous stone helps in mitigating the malefic effects of the inauspicious Ketu in anyone’s natal chart. The Ketu planet doesn’t have a tangible existence in the solar system but significantly affects our lives. Ketu is an inauspicious planet that is said to affect the individual’s life negatively when placed wrongly in the birth chart of the person. The Lehsunia Stone is majorly found in Ceylon (Sri Lanka), India, Brazil, and Africa.

Note:- In order to avail of the maximum benefits, make sure that you are wearing a natural Cat’s eye Gemstone. However, when it comes to finding a genuine cat’s eye stone, the market is flooded with those who merely worry about generating money. Thus make sure you are making your purchase from a reliable gemstone dealer or website like Navratan – The Online Bazar. Navratan offers a wide range of certified Cat’s eye gemstones at the best affordable price segment along with the authenticity certificate.

Incredible Health Benefits of Cat’s Eye Gemstone

  • The Redressal of Ketu Mahadasha- The Ketu planet is also a shadow planet just like Rahu which doesn’t have a tangible existence in the solar system but affects the individual’s​ life as well as health very negatively. Both the Rahu as well as the Ketu planets​ are karmic and give results to the native according to his past life’s deeds (karmas). By wearing  an original Lehsunia stone, one can overcome the malefic effects of the planet Ketu
  • Wards off Evil- The wearer of the Lehsunia Stone is protected from evil and bad energies. He/she is also protected from unforeseen dangers, accidents​, etc. The Lehsunia Stone is an incredible stone that protects the wearer from the harmful effects of other planets too
  • Physical Health- The wearer of an authentic Cat’s Eye Gemstone is blessed with good health. He or she is protected from various health issues such as hormonal imbalance, gout, arthritis, leprosy, inflammation, allergies, and other skin-related disorders.
  • Digestive Health Benefits- The Lehsunia Stone helps the wearer in mitigating any digestive system-related disorders such as indigestion, constipation, etc. The person’s gut becomes​ very healthy and fitter.
  • Nervous System Health Benefits- The Lehsunia Stone helps the wearer in getting rid of various ailments related to the nervous system such as paralysis, etc.
  • Focus Power- The Lehsunia Stone increases the concentration power of the native and helps him in focusing on important issues and at the work upfront. The Cat’s Eye Stone also makes a person aware of his surroundings.
  • Mental Health- The wearer of the Lehsunia Stone is blessed with a perfectly balanced mind. He/she can get rid of various mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, stress, etc. This stone is considered very beneficial for the students. The person also becomes stable emotionally.
  • Spiritual Health Benefits- The Lehsunia Stone helps the wearer in fighting against various spiritual problems and blesses the person with a clean mind devoid of any negative thoughts. The person doesn’t long for materialistic things anymore and becomes content and happy.

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