How do You Make the Small Living Room Appear Bigger?

You are perhaps in the early stages of life but somehow managed to buy a small home. Deep inside you have plans to shift to a bigger home later on, but as today, one has to be satisfied with the living space. Since the home is small so is the living room. Would you desire to make changes so that the space looks bigger than it is? There could be such desires and the idea behind such thinking could be to impress guests who visit your home. The bigger and decorative living space, which you can display, speaks highly of you, as a person. 

There is a need to do a living room remodeling in the quest to make this space look bigger than what it is. One must look to engage the services of a professional remodeling team and they have ideas, experience. They will precisely know what to do so that the space indeed looks bigger. Here are some ideas that can be tried out so that you can show a much bigger living space to guests at your abode. 

You can add a mirror to the living room

The first one is a small addition, but quite an effective one. There is always the scope to add a mirror to this space. It will be nice if you could ask the contractor team to include some unique light combinations in this space. The mirror will show these lights from outside and help to brighten up this space. The blend of mirrors and light color walls will help to pop up this space. There is the scope to place mirrors on a single wall or all of them. 

The choice of paint colors can make a difference

As you remodel the living space, there will always be a desire to apply a coat of paint on the walls. This is the best way to hide dirt on the walls. Paint applied on the walls also makes the area look different and it is a refreshing change if you were feeling bored seeing the same atmosphere. It is however necessary to choose the paint color if the living space is small and you intend to give out a bigger look. The appropriate color should be while and it makes the space light, airy. It will make the ceiling feel much higher than what it is actually. Darker colors on contrary will make the space cramped. One can also add wood accents or textured elements into this space. The key here will be to stay away from dark colors. One can also paint walls and ceilings of the same color. 

You must do some basic things

There is a need to do some simple things such as making sure that the area stays free of clutter. One must understand that the more you add to the room the smaller the area will feel. Hence, one must refrain from adding anything to this space, which is unnecessary. A small room decoration must be small and only something that adds value must be included. You could plan decorations for this space and once again simplicity should be the theme. One must look to avoid complex patterns on the walls. Has some big artwork caught your focus? You would desire to have it on the wall and one must make sure that it is the only thing on the wall. The key here will be to avoid complications. 

The big rugs, drapes should be avoided

The rugs and drapes are decorative pieces that can make the space look beautiful. But if the room is small, one must try and avoid it. If you have a rug one must make sure that it does not cover the whole floor. The drapes help to make this space private, and one must look for products of lightweight mesh or cloth binds. The key here will be to play tricks to the eye. 


Here we have discussed some ways how you can make the small living room appear much bigger than it is so. It is by incorporating these changes into the area, you can showcase to guests a much bigger living room. These themes can be applied to other parts of the home also. 

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