The Best Materials For Long-Lasting Interior Features

Interior designers tend to try and create looks that will stand the test of time. This not only applies to the aesthetic of the design, but also to the material longevity it has. Hard-wearing, long-lasting materials should be the first port of call for designers and amateur home improvers looking to source the building blocks of a creation. Here are some of the best long-lasting materials used in interior design today.


Companies like Legacy Countertops are often called upon to produce kitchen furnishings using marble. Marble, a hard metamorphic rock, is famous for its luxurious veined appearance and extreme toughness. The marbled pillars of ancient Athens still stand as testament to the material’s long-lasting qualities. Marble is relatively hard to work with and requires a skilled mason to turn it into usable furnishings. Marble interior design features are not always aimed at replicating the presumed elegance of the ancients. Many truly contemporary designs are made with marble – which comes in many colors caused by subtle geological differences, no two items will look exactly the same.


Copper is a hard-wearing metal that has become very popular with designers seeking to imbue an industrial flavor to their work. Exposed copper workings are a hallmark of industrial interior design and happen to be rather practical too. Copper ages beautifully – developing a complex and fascinating patina as it reacts to the oxygen in the air over the years. Some designers have completely modeled interiors around the patination effect that copper can take on. As well as forming a pleasant patina, copper can also be polished into a gleaming and ultra-smart surface suitable for sinks and worktops.

Copper furnishings go well with exposed brick, factory lamps and iron radiators. Copper also works surprisingly well with marble in some circumstances.


Quartzite is a very hard metamorphic rock composed of interlocking quartz crystals. When fractured, it tends to break in very smooth, flat lines. This makes it perfect for the construction of interior features like countertops. It has a gleaming, crystalline quality that works well in spacious apartments that have lots of natural light available. Quartzite is extremely hard wearing and will last for many, many years. Quartzite is reasonably expensive and tends to work poorly in cramped, dark spaces due to the rather ‘heavy’ look it possesses.


Leather furnishings might not be to everybody’s taste. Tanned cow hide saw a surge in interior design usage in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s – a time in design that many people would like to forget. Leather is, however, extremely versatile and very long lasting. Good quality full grain leather can last for hundreds of years. Relatively intact leather items have even been found on the bodies of neolithic people that lived thousands of years ago. Leather also has the advantage of ageing very well. Old leather, if treated well, develops an immensely deep patina. Designers are now starting to use this material for the creation of contemporary furnishings again. Good leather is expensive, but definitely worth the cost.

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