How to Use a Podcast to Grow Your Business

Podcasts are one of the fastest growing forms of content out there, and are set to overtake TV in terms of total listening hours by 2019. One reason podcasts are so popular? They’re incredibly easy to create! And as an entrepreneur, you can use podcasts to grow your business through lead generation, social proof, brand awareness, and much more.

Tips to Use a Podcast to Grow Your Business

Check out these tips on how to use podcasting as part of your small business marketing strategy!

Decide on Length

A quick way to decide whether you should create an audio podcast or video podcast is by thinking about your goals. If you want customers and clients to listen as they drive, cook, work out or shop, audio is your best bet.

Figure Out What You Want to Discuss

A podcast can be either an audio or video episode that you upload via your website, also on YouTube channel, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or other productivity apps. Although there are some common elements, each one is different from another. So, when deciding what you want to talk about, think about your niche, who your audience is and what kind of information they’re interested in learning about. For example, if you own a dog-walking business and have been hired by quite a few families with special needs children over the past few months, it would make sense for you to have an episode talking about how dogs help children with autism learn important social skills—or even just having fun.

Invest in Good Equipment

A poor-quality microphone or even your laptop’s built-in mic will make you sound unprofessional and can actually hurt sales. It may seem like an expense at first, but if you’re serious about getting into podcasting—and you can afford it—buy good equipment. You won’t regret it.

Promote the Show on Social Accounts

You’ll want to make sure you promote your podcast via social media channels, especially if you have an established audience there. You can cross-promote on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for starters.

The Next Step – Go Live!

You’ve learned about podcasting and you want to start your own. You have considered recording in your home office, but it’s likely that you will need more resources than available. Before you commit, make sure you have permission from your employer if they will be sponsoring a podcast that is at least partially related to your job. Once permission has been granted, do some research into what else you will need?

Make it Easy for Others to Listen

You may love making your own podcast, but unless you’re already an influencer in your industry, it’s unlikely that many people will tune in. The best way to ensure that people are listening is by starting with what you have (your audience) and turning them into evangelists for your show. You can ask listeners questions, share information they might find valuable, or host interviews with people who are also interested in podcasting.

Turn it Into an Event

A successful podcast is an event. To get people excited about listening, and invite them back for future episodes, you need to create anticipation around your podcast. Without some hype (and audience engagement), no one will be there at all when you start recording. Don’t just publish your first episode; get your audience involved from day one so they know how excited you are about starting something new—and so they can share in that excitement with you!

Get a Guest on Your Show

Connecting with and talking to people you admire or would like to learn from is one of the most effective ways of learning, growing, and improving. Asking them for advice on your podcast will help you bring your audience great value. It’s also a great way to drive traffic back to your website and show off your knowledge in an authentic way. Lastly, getting someone famous or well-known as a guest on your podcast will help build credibility for yourself as an expert in that industry.

Create an ideal prospect to boost your sale

Identify your ideal prospect and then search for them on Google. Determine what they’re interested in, where they hang out online, and if there is an upcoming event that you can provide information about. Then create a podcast that gives your prospects valuable content they can act on. You will be able to build trust with your prospects while also driving traffic back to your website and attracting potential clients as well.

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