Carry Your Camera with ease with the Best Camera Backpacks

Are you a travel enthusiast who likes to capture ethereal moments? Do you like clicking photos on the go and never miss out on a moment? If the photography bug has bitten you, you must have bought a professional quality camera to pursue your passion. However, buying a camera is only the first step towards photography. To capture precious moments,the device and other accessories need regular care and maintenance. Its maintenance starts with its proper storage and cleaning. With the help of a good quality camera backpack, you can not only store your camera but also carry it around easily. There are a lot of options available in the market for camera backpacks. To help you narrow down the choices to the most suitable one, we review the best camera backpacks in 2021.

Top Camera backpacks in 2021 

  1. BagSmar DSLR Camera Bag Backpack ( Anti-Theft) 

The camera backpack is best for travel purposes as it comes with anti-theft features and waterproof material. The bag has lockable zippers and a metal hook on the side strap to keep the front pockets secure. Thus, your backpack is safe from any type of snooping and stealing while you travel. You can carry this bag anywhere in any weather. The entire backpack is great for professional photographers who travel for different assignments. It  has enough capacity to carry a camera , its accessories as well as your clothes. Moreover, you can fit a 15-inch laptop inside it too. The bag comes with a rain cover so that a photographer can carry it outside during rains too. Your camera and other belongings remain damage proof and safe from the weather inside this bag.  The straps of the camera backpack adjust to your trolley bag during air travel and the bag is airplane carry-on compatible.  

Key features- 

  • Customizable space with removable padded compartments. 
  • Large capacity means you can store clothes and personal stuff 
  • Back padding and generous chest straps make it comfortable to carry
  • The design is quick access due to side chains
  • Zippers are lockable and anti-theft in nature 
  1. CADeN Camera Backpack Bag ( 7 Layer PE Foam padding) 

The CADeN camera backpack is a great option to carry your camera and its accessories. The backpack is lightweight in design and made of strong, durable material.  The backpack is 0.79 kg in weight. Thus, it is very easy to carry with the camera too. The camera backpack can be the choice of professional photographers because of its features. There are individual compartments for each camera part, making it easy to store the parts safely. The backpack has ample space for all the camera parts and additional accessories. The backpack is made of scratch proof and waterproof material. Thus, it will last long and withstand different weather and environment conditions, even if you take the backpack on outdoor photoshoots.

Key features- 

  • Large capacity stores a camera as well as other accessories like a lens, tripod, etc. 
  • The hidden zipper on the front gives an extra storage option
  • Sturdy design with alloy zipper and seven-layer PE foam
  • It comes with one year guarantee that helps you replace a damaged backpack 
  1. TARION Camera Backpack (Bottom Tripod Storage)

The search for the best camera backpack brings us to the TARION Camera backpack. The backpack is a spacious one with compartments for the camera and its accessories. Moreover, you can remove the padded compartments to turn it into a daily use backpack. This multipurpose beauty has additional storage space for the tripod at the bottom.. Therefore, get ready to store more than just your camera with this one. The camera backpack comes with an additional rain cover for all-weather protection. Whether for a small road trip or a long tour, this is a great backpack to take with you.

Key Features- 

  • 15-inch laptop storage compartment
  • Comes with a waterproof rain cover for all weather purpose 
  • High elastic side pockets for extra storage space
  • Multi-functional and sturdy bag made with the best material 
  1. Mosiso Camera backpack (hard shell) 

The Mosiso Camera backpack is the best camera backpack in the hard shell backpack category. Stylish and sleek, this backpack is generous in size and great to carry around. It has two large compartments with inner padding for extra protection and shock absorption. Moreover, the upper compartment comes with removable padded inserts for organisation and cushioning effect. The other compartment is ideal for laptop storage. Secondly, the laptop compartment is spacious enough to store 15 to 16-inch devices in it. The backpack is the complete gear storage for a professional photographer. The hardshell backpack has an open design that makes it easily accessible and hassle free to use. The hard shell cover is highly waterproof and absorbs shock. Moreover, the inner padded lining provides extra protection to your camera gear. 

Key Features- 

  • Waterproof hard-shell design with extra shock absorption 
  • Anti-theft pocket on the back for valuables
  • Padded shoulder strap for comfortable carriage
  • Innovative design for better access  
  1. BAGSMAR DSLR Camera backpack in Khaki (Customizable Space) 

BAGSMAR DSLR Camera backpack is the best camera backpack in the soft-shell camera backpack category. The backpack is waterproof and anti-theft too. Stylish and khaki, the backpack is great for travel and storage. The backpack has customizable space as it has removable dividers. Thus, the bag can be used for other purposes too. You can remove the compartments and store clothes for a trip in them. If you buy this backpack, you do not need another backpack for travel. The backpack also has an additional compartment for a 15-inch laptop. Thus, a person can carry this backpack on professional and personal trips. Moreover, the backpack comes with an additional rain cover. Thus, it is the best camera backpack for all-weather purposes that you can carry with ease. 

Key Features 

  • Stores both laptop and DSLR camera 
  • Made of waterproof material and has a rain cover
  • It has two large side pockets for extra storage
  • Easy to link with your trolley for travel  

Best Camera backpacks Buying Guide 

From the above section you might have got an idea of how to select a camera backpack for your camera. There are many features to take into consideration along with the specifications of the backpack. Moreover, people also prefer budget friendly, highly functional bags.You will definitely have a budget in mind when searching for a camera backpack to buy. This buying guide is written to give you a clearer direction on what to consider when looking for a camera backpack. You should always stay mindful of the cost of the backpack. It helps to get an idea of the types, cost bracket and features of the best camera backpack for your device. The next section talks about all these things in brief. 

What are the types of camera backpacks?

There are two major types of camera backpacks in use today. Here are the two categories-

  • Soft-shell, fabric backpacks

Soft-shell fabric backpacks are made of water-resistant fabrics like canvas or nylon. The fabric is usually high quality because of the necessary sturdiness. Sometimes the backpacks are made from a mix of nylon and polyester for enhanced features. Even leather is often combined in the fabric for better water repellent quality. 

  • Hard-shell camera backpacks 

Hard-shell camera backpacks have an outer framework of good quality plastic and rubber. This material is better at shock absorption. Moreover, it is easier to take the bag from one place to another because the hardshell cover ensures more shock absorption. The outer frame is completely water repellent and keeps the camera safe. Hard-shell backpacks are great for travel. 

What features should you consider to choose the best camera backpack? 

Here are the features that you should consider seriously before going ahead to buy a camera backpack. 

  • Waterproof- 

A waterproof camera backpack is a must for your device. Since the camera has a lot of parts and is sensitive to environmental factors, you should always choose a bag that keeps it safe from weather fluctuations. Choose a bag that keeps moisture and air away from the camera. If the moisture gets into your camera or accessories, they can get damaged. Photographers often shoot in challenging conditions in different locations. Thus, a good quality, all weather backpack made of waterproof material is a necessity for a photographer who likes to explore. Even at home, when you store the camera, it should preferably be in a waterproof backpack. Whether you get a low-priced camera or a high-priced one, always go for a waterproof backpack.

  • Large Capacity: 

Always look for a large-capacity camera backpack that looks compact but has great storage capacity. This way, you will be able to store your camera as well as other stuff too. With a large capacity backpack, you can pack all your belongings for a trip in one bag. Go for a backpack that has individual storage for the camera as well as a laptop. Also, search for a bag that has space for clothes too. This way, you can reduce your luggage for any upcoming trip. Choose a bag that has extra hidden compartments and a smart storage design. Go for a backpack that is lightweight but heavy-duty. 

  • Antitheft: 

A professional-quality camera is very expensive these days. Therefore, it is important to look for the best camera backpack with an anti-theft feature. Check for a bag that has sturdy zippers and a locking feature. Go for an anti-theft one if you are a travel photographer. Even if you do not travel, it is always best to choose an anti-theft backpack for your equipment.

What should be the cost of the best camera backpack? 

The range of a good backpack in terms of cost is somewhere around $30 to $60. You can get the best fabric camera backpacks for a price as low as $30. On the other hand, a hard shell camera backpack sits in the range of $50 to $60. The cost depends on the material of the bag and its dimensions. Another factor that contributes to it is the space and extra features that a good backpack has. Do not shy away from going out of your budget if you are looking for the best camera backpack and find one. It all depends on the features you get. You can also get the best camera backpack for a bargain when there are discounts available online. The cost of a camera backpack depends on a lot of factors.  

What are the benefits of the best camera backpack? 

Here are the most prominent benefits of the best camera backpack for a photographer 

  • Easy to carry, all-weather- 

You can now carry your camera anywhere without a mess or hassle. Good quality backpacks are specifically made to withstand all weather conditions. Thus, whether you travel to the desert for a photo shoot or are on a trip to the mountains, your camera goes with you like a loyal companion. Just put this bag on your back and start your journey. 

  • Compact storage:

 Nowadays, the camera comes with a lot of accessories and parts. There are lenses, tripods, selfie sticks, chargers, etc. Therefore, losing some parts of your camera is easy if you do not have a backpack. On the other hand, if you have a camera backpack, you store every part of your camera in one place. This keeps your camera safe and makes it accessible. With the best camera backpack, you do not have to worry about your camera storage. 

  • Multi-purpose: 

These days, camera bags come with removable dividers. Thus, you can sometimes use your camera backpack for general storage. You can remove the dividers and take your backpack on a trip with the regular stuff. Your best camera backpack is a regular backpack, only with better features and material. Once you buy a camera backpack, you do not have to buy a regular backpack. 

Camera backpack FAQ 

Q.  Are camera backpacks truly anti-theft? 

Some camera backpacks come with anti-theft features like a zipper locking system and hidden pockets for valuables. You have to search for an anti-theft camera backpack. There are camera backpacks that are anti-theft. 

  1. Will the camera backpacks last long? 

Camera backpacks are usually made of better material than regular backpacks. The backpacks are made of waterproof, sturdy, scratch proof material that lasts long. 

  1. Are camera backpacks washable? 

You can clean a camera backpack. If you have a fabric camera backpack, you should clean it with soap and water after removing the camera. If you have a hard shell, usually, you can wipe the outer shell and dust the inner compartments. Put the bag to dry for some time after this. 

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