Where can I get sliding rails for my company ?

Chambrelan is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality sliding rails and drawer slides, particularly for industrial and heavy-duty applications. It offers a wide range of products designed to meet different needs in terms of load capacity, type of extension and durability.

Here’s an overview of our sliding rails and drawer slides :

Heavy-duty slides :

A company that produces heavy-duty slides capable of withstanding heavy loads, making them suitable for industrial machinery, vehicle storage compartments and other demanding applications. These slides are designed to withstand intensive use and offer smooth, reliable operation.

Telescopic slides :

Telescopic slides with different extension lengths, allowing drawers or components to extend partially or fully out of the housing. Telescopic slides are commonly used in toolboxes, equipment storage and industrial machinery where access to stored items is essential.

Linear motion systems: The company manufactures linear motion systems that provide smooth, precise linear motion for applications such as sliding doors, access panels and machine components. These systems are designed to withstand heavy loads and guarantee reliable performance over time. The slides are corrosion-resistant. Manufactures slides in corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel or galvanized steel, making them suitable for use outdoors or in environments where exposure to moisture or aggressive chemicals is a problem.

Locking slides: Some slides feature locking mechanisms that secure drawers or components in place when fully closed or extended, offering added security in industrial or transport applications.

Customized solutions: Tailor-made design and manufacturing services to meet the specific requirements of sliding rail and drawer slide applications. This enables customers to obtain tailor-made solutions that precisely meet their needs in terms of size, load capacity and functionality.

Overall, Chambrelan sliding rails and drawer slides are known for their robust construction, smooth operation and reliability, making them the preferred choice for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

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